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A ptetude-X is a creative architecture and interior design firm that brings forth the right aspects of understanding clients' needs, smart design and a futuristic long term approach. We aim to provide professional services to our esteemed clients and always stay focused on solutions that makes their business successful and convert their dreams to reality.

We understand that our success lies in their success and we are partners forever.

To be amongst the leading creative and innovative design firms with total commitment to excellence and customer delight.
We will achieve our vision by being the front runners in use of innovation and technology in design.

"Our guiding principle was that design is neither an intellectual nor a material affair, but simply an integral part of the stuff of life, necessary for everyone in a civilized society."

Walter Gropius




Founder of Aptetude-X, Tithi is a true entrepreneur at heart. Tithi has been responsible for successfully... more



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Principal Designer

An architect with 17 years of experience, Preeti has led multiple teams and successfully delivered... more

"The way people live can be directed a little by architecture."

Tadao Ando.


H uman mind constantly tries to imagine the end product in advance; when starting the process of design or drawing. Limited, minimal in fact, attention is given to the intuitive or instinctive way of thinking. Our approach refrains from imagining the eventual architectural form up front. We believe in working with a step-by-step process that involves form finding, optimisation and fabrication. This form finding approach is based on parameters whose relationships are based on principles of physics or load application, distance, rotation or solar geometry. Hence; the process itself becomes the Design Principle.

The prime focus of the practice is to create elegant, rigorous and innovative design solutions that respond to each projects site constraints, operational, financial and program based requirements. The design and management of all projects, regardless of scale, complexity or building typology is approached on the same basis; following key values of simplicity, efficiency and legibility as the key driving force.

Aptetude-X is the right partner to deliver your project because:

  • - We have a very thorough briefing process to ensure every project starts right
  • - We have a clear understanding of; and maintain critical focus on budgets and costs
  • - Our approach to design is Optimised, Research Based
  • - We have sound Project Management skills
  • - Our team is totally Transparent and Professional
  • - We have an immensely dynamic and focussed leadership team that constantly ensures project objectives are never deviated from


  • Architecture


    A well-designed building or space has the ability to both physically and culturally transform people, groups and entire institutions. At Aptetude-X, we help our clients capture that potential by designing buildings that seamlessly combine form, function and feeling. We apply experience and innovation to deliver groundbreaking solutions that reflect both the pragmatic needs of our clients and the critical demands of a sustainable world. we are open to use of new or unexpected materials and technology.

    Excellent design is the result of a collaborative process a united endeavour fulfilling all aspirations, with a keen focus on the client vision.

  • Urban Planning

    Urban Planning

    Our urban design projects combine community planning, transit-oriented development, mixed-use development and landscape architecture, on both a macro and micro scale. The firm shapes multiple, often competing program elements into coherent design solutions. These elements include economic constraints, historic preservation issues, and both environmental and cultural sensitivities.

    They serve as positive catalysts for surrounding development in various environments such as dense cities and open plains, coastlines and mountains.

  • Interior design

    Interior design

    We have developed a specific design process which is divided into key phases; Programming, Conception, Resolving Detailing, Documenting, and Realizing. We create a success strategy from the onset to meet the project management and design needs for each client.

    Our exceptionally talented team produced high end quality design from our interior detailing to the Final Dressing. The difference is in the details!

  • Design and Build

    Design and Build

    We use the design-build approach for your project as a way to best satisfy your vision, budget and schedule . We offer design services and construction expertise under one roof. This ensures clear communication, clarifies accountability, and minimizes unforeseen problems during the process of project delivery. And as designers and builders as one unit, our team can examine the trade offs of all your project’s structural, financial, and design challenges in conjunction.

  • Strategic Consulting

    Strategic Consulting

    We provide consultancy that integrates strategy, research, individual constituents, spatial concepts for occupants, owners, developers across all sectors in real estate such as workplace, hospitality, retail & residential. In today scenario, the success of a project is critical with many factors influencing the market conditions.

    From feasibility studies to strategic solutions for target segments, we have the professional team to provide the right inputs. We work with our clients to deliver specific, smart and sustainable business value consistently.


Raghav Bahl
Founder and Chairman Quint, speaks
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Founder and CEO Quint, speaks